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Portland Oregon Counseling


Affordable Therapy in Oregon **ACCEPTING WAITLIST ONLY**

Before your first appointment

In the Weeds offers free, 20-minute phone consultations before your first session. During the consultation, we’ll discuss:

  • Your hopes and expectations for therapy 

  • Questions or concerns about In the Weeds or the therapeutic process

  • Developing a working patient/therapist relationship

  • Anything else you would like to address

When you make an appointment, you are buying that time slot. If you’re unavailable to keep an appointment, a 48-hour cancellation notice is required or you will be responsible for the full payment.

For the health and safety of the community, all sessions are currently conducted via telehealth. 

Please note In the Weeds does not take commercial insurance. 

In the Weeds does accept OHP Medicaid (Care Oregon only) 



Individual 50 min Sessions 

-Regular fee: $160​

Exclusive to Service Industry Employees 

Open Spots Available

Group Therapy Sessions 90min

-Regular weekly fee: $50

Exclusive to Service Industry Employees 

Group Therapy 1:1

-Regular fee session: $75

**Groups meet once weekly over a 10-week period.  Time and day TBD by each new cohort once the group is full. Two 50min 1:1 sessions are part of the package. This is a CLOSED group, which means new members cannot join once sessions have started. Participants MUST commit to the entire 10-week period; those who do not complete the course are still responsible for payment in full.

**Please note: I offer a 20 percent discount to those who pay for the entire course upfront. 

Not everyone who seeks treatment can afford to pay for it. In the Weeds offers a sliding scale payment model so you can reclaim your life without breaking the bank.  Limited availability for reduced fee and supportive fee.  If you need either please let me know when you contact me and we can work out the details prior to meeting.

Why Sliding Scale?

In the Weeds is committed to challenging the classist and capitalistic structures deeply ingrained in our society. Using a privilege-based sliding scale is one small way to combat systemic oppression and provide care for those who need it most. This policy is also geared toward realizing personal and economic justice at a local level. 

Payment Guidelines

I offer a regular fee, a reduced fee, and a supportive fee for each service. 

A regular fee helps In the Weeds prosper while serving others with limited resources.

A reduced fee helps In the Weeds cover its basic operating costs.

A supportive fee helps In the Weeds hold and support you when you need it most.

All of these payment methods are acceptable ways of participating. 

Consider paying more on the scale if you:

  • Own the home you live in or pay rent comfortably

  • Have investments, savings accounts, retirement accounts, or inherited money

  • Travel recreationally outside of Oregon

  • Have access to family money and resources in times of need

  • Work part time by choice

  • Have a relatively high degree of earning power due to level of education, gender privilege, racial privilege, or class background. Even if you are not currently exercising your earning power, I ask you to recognize this as a choice.

Consider paying less on the scale if you:

  • Are a person who experiences racism directly, or via systemic oppression

  • Are a Brown, Black, Indigenous, or otherwise non-white person

  • Are transgender and experience trans-related discrimination and/or violence regularly

  • Are gay/queer and experience related discrimination and/or violence regularly

  • Have medical expenses not covered by insurance

  • Have medical expenses, been denied work, or experience discrimination related to ableism

  • Are eligible for public assistance

  • Have immigration-related expenses

  • Are a sex worker who experiences occupational discrimination (personal or legislative)

  • Are an unpaid community organizer

  • Are a returning citizen who has been denied work due to incarceration history

  • Are supporting children or have other dependents

  • Are an elder with limited financial support

**This privilege-based sliding scale model was adapted from Dura Mater Wellness, Little Red Bird Botanicals, Pronia Coaching and A-B/V\Tattoo

Pricing: Welcome
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